Collab with All You Need Is Ecuador!

Hey everyone!  I teamed up with All You Need is Ecuador as part of the Ronald McDonald Campaign.  Carla, the editor, created this awesome video that shows you guys a family that the Ronald McDonald House has housed and helped bring together.  The video also shows you a glimpse at the Ronald McDonald House website where Carla tells you guys what you can find on there.  Enjoy this video and be sure to visit Ecuador!

Ronald McDonald House interview!

Hey guys! Remember when I said that I was working on a campaign for the Ronald McDonald house with Great Dane Couture, All You Need is Ecuador, and The Drowsy Knight? Well as part of that campaign, I had the pleasure of meeting with, and interviewing the house manager, Carol Reynolds, at the Ronald McDonald House in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  In the video, you’ll find information about the house, some of the goals of the Ronald McDonald House, and how you can get involved to really make a difference in people’s lives.  Be sure to check out the Ronald McDonald House website for more information.  Thanks for watching!


Hello viewers! I, Marisa, creator and editor of My College Fitness, am thrilled to announce that I will be teaming up with All You Need Is Ecuador, The Drowsy Night, and Great Dane Couture, to publish a campaign for Ronald McDonald House. Because all of our sites address college education, we are going to produce a series of awesome videos and podcasts that provide tutorials, reviews, and information about Ronald McDonald House. My College Fitness will be making a video interviewing an employee from Ronald McDonald House that will inform it’s viewers on the kind of work that they do, and all the amazing people that it benefits. Look out for future posts on My College Fitness, All You Need Is Ecuador, The Drowsy Knight, and Great Dane Couture, as we drive through the campaign. Make sure to visit the Ronald McDonald House website to learn about all of the great work that they do.

Full Body Workout – Midterm

These exercises complete a full body workout that can be performed at the gym or at home with minimal equipment needed.  All of these can be done by anyone; no matter the level that they are at. The workouts included are burpees, deadlifts, squats, reverse crunches, and planks.  These are broken down into steps and modeled by my awesome friend, Aline. Be sure to check out her youtube channel for more tips and exercise videos.

Making the podcast introduction.

I was looking forward to creating my audio introduction for My College Fitness because I had done audio editing in the past with Final Cut Pro. However, that was a couple of years ago and Audacity was quite different than Final Cut Pro. I chose to select my songs first so I went on Free Music Archive to check out the songs. I found two songs that I wanted to edit but, I didn’t end up using either of them after I imported and cut them in Audacity. I went to record my first take of my introduction, which I thought turned out pretty well.  I still thought I should give it one more go just to make it perfect.  After doing that, I realized that I wanted to change a few things so I re-wrote the introduction twice.  Recording and cutting the audio was fairly easy and I enjoyed doing it.  When it came time to mixing and changing the levels in the background song, I ran into some difficulties.  My background song was way too loud and drowned out my voice when played.  I tried messing around with the audio duct, but I still couldn’t get the song quiet enough to where it wouldn’t disturb listeners should they decide to listen to it with headphones.  I then tried quite of the few different effects before learning that the amplify effect works similarly to the gain on Final Cut Pro.  Audacity has a gain feature, but it changes the entire track; not just the selected part of it. After when I figured out how to play around with the levels, I changed the song. I chose a different song that went better with the theme of My College Fitness which was strong but not too intense. I’m happy with the way it turned out. I think that working with programs like Audacity and Final Cut Pro really helped improve my editing skills. This is great since I hope to work with audio and video in the future for jobs in media.

My experience creating the header

I was excited to design a header for this website. Headers are going to be the first thing that visitors of my page will see; so naturally I wanted my header to be visually appealing. I went on and immediately began searching for images that I could use as the background for the header. I searched everything from vegetables to measuring tape. I was thrilled when I came across this picture of dumbbells that was in high quality. The background of the photo was neutral enough for me to use it as the main part of my header, and the orange dumbbells added a nice pop of color. Once I found that, I searched for an image that I could use as my logo. I google searched images with the filters that allowed me to get what I wanted. Then it was time to mix them around and create my header. I went on to create my headers. I had worked with photoshop in the past so I thought that the editing skills would all come back to me. They did not, but it was great maneuvering around Pixlr and learning the different controls. I eventually learned the different tools and began editing my first layer image. This part was pretty easy; however, when I went to save my image, my computer froze. I had to restart my computer and everything was lost. I went on Pixlr and recreated my header. I tried to save it but again, my computer froze. I looked for alternative options for saving the header, but I couldn’t find them. I had to restart my computer and recreate the header a total of 5 times. Eventually I complained to my roommate and she suggested that I look up my issue online. I found that my browser wasn’t allowing Pixlr to save anything to my computer because of the settings. I had to change my settings twice to get my header saved. It was a lot of work, but having to redo my header so many times gave me more experience with the editing tools. Overall, I think that using Pixlr for the header was great because I was able to create the header the way I wanted it and the skills I learned will be useful when I have to edit more photos in the future.

The creation of this site

When I was told that I needed to make a website, it was a no-brainer what I wanted the site to be about.  I, of course, knew that many college students are focused on fitness, but I was unsure of how I wanted to approach this site to really make it my own.  I knew immediately when creating this site that I wanted to name it My College Fitness.  The name just incorporated the entity of my goal for this site.  That was the easy part.  The difficult part was navigating the WordPress admin page. I thought that there should be a WordPress website for getting started on WordPress; which I later found out that there was. I would definitely get a use out of that bad boy.  Click here to view it. Although it was difficult at first, I quickly learned how to use WordPress and it became fun to set up the pages the way I wanted them.


Young girl with laptop